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The Corallo Hotel restaurant

The Corallo Hotel restaurant in Senigallia exhibits special regard for the local cuisine: the hotel menu includes a wide variety of seafood and meat typical specialties from Senigallia and the hinterland, ranging from light seafood broth up to Italian spit-roasted pork. As far as the light seafood broth is concerned, this requires a laborious preparation.

The menu offered meet the gastronomic traditions Senigallia, ranging from the typical products of the Marche and proposing daily tasty alternatives dishes of meat or fish. With this focus, Hotel Corallo Senigallia offers healthy cuisine, simple and genuine, with an eye on the health of its guests.

It is a dish carefully made and proposed to the Senigallia hotel’s guests with its thirteen types of fresh seafood including rockfish, tub gurnard, eels, mantis shrimps (italian "canocchia": the local way of referring to that fish is "pannocchia") and red mullets.

The fish is cooked on a basis of onion, tomato, parsley, pepper, oil and vinegar. Another must-try dish for seafood lovers is the stockfish, which is generally prepared as seafood hodge-podge, boiled with potatoes or in "potacchio", i.e. stewed with tomato, anchovies, garlic, rosemary, parsley and chili pepper. Other excellent dish are the gratin of mussels ("cappoloni") with bread crumbs and parsley and miller sole fish from the Adriatic sea.

As for the main courses prepared at the Corallo Hotel, delicious specialties are "passatelli" in sea-broth and dumplings filled with sole-fillets with a topping of grated bread and parmesan cheese. Getting far from the coast you will have the chance to find more rustic dishes such as a selection of cheeses and cold cuts from Marche county, among which the "ciauscolo", a type of salami made by pork meat flavoured with garlic, salt, pepper and "cooked wine" syrup, a suitable topping for bread, Easter cheese bread (so-called because it is usually eaten over the Easter time).

Other glorious dishes are the so-called "vincisgrassi", that is, a typical lasagna generally prepared across the whole Marche county, from north to south, rabbit stuffed with pork and spiced roasted pork, both kinds of meats being flavoured with wild fennel. In order to be well-savoured, every dish should be accompanied by D.O.C. wines such as the fine Rosso Conero, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba and Verdicchio from Jesi Castles.